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Cobalt 1000 Excursion 2007

by Paul Conley

Adjustment of focal distanceOn a recent trip to Canada the Cobalt 1000 laser engraver proved to rise above the rest again. It endured the grueling drive from headquarters in Danvers, MA to Montreal... Cobalt laser engraver in jeeponly to find out that its predecessor was not broken down but needed the simple
adjustment of focal distance.

Did the Cobalt 1000's journey end there in Montreal? No. The adventurous machine pressed on to St. Jerome, then Lachute and finally to Montabello. After checking in at the Fairmont Chateau, Montabello, it was off to Kenuak, a vast wilderness with endless kilometers of dirt roads, rough terrain, lakes and rivers. This is the place where the Landrover experience teams train and instruct. How did the Cobalt 1000 do it? - His driver, Paul Conley, has a jeep. Fishing with the laser
Fishing with the laser
You may be wondering, "Hey, is this an ad for Landrover or Jeep?" – Neither. It’s simply the Cobalt 1000 engraving & plate making system’s Excursion 2007. Logging over 849 miles, the journey took the Cobalt 1000 to beautiful lakes, hiking and fishing. It even went to areas I don't think it was supposed to go... The big question is, would the machine still work after such a trek?
- Yes! It works, IT WORKS!

Please submit your bids for this trail-tested Cobalt 1000 - or your ideas for Excursion 2008! If we are in your area, you will be able to ask the Cobalt 1000 for an autograph.

Paul Conley, laser production manager

Paul Conley is ICN's Laser Production Manager
who really knows how to treat machinery

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